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Settlements on the area of Stronie land were first acknowledged in 13th century. In the Middle Ages settlements on the upper part of Biała Lądecka stopped at the height of Stare Gierałtowo. People lived off agriculture mainly.

Between the years 1525 – 1618, after hussite wars, the number of residents grew significantly. People of newly risen villages earned their living from local developing industry, handcraft, forests cutting and a bit from agriculture. Mining was the main factor of development and new clearings were taken mainly by miners, steel workers and woodcutters.

The next phase of colonization (frederiquan) falls for the years 1773 – 1806, when numerous mountain settlements have sprung out. Such structure was preserved, with little change, until 20th century.

In 19th century borders between Stronie Śląskie, Strachocin and Goszów became unclear, thus creating one settlement with characteristics of a town. It was here where the royal goods key and huge glass works were located and, in 1967, due to constant development, Stronie Śląskie was granted the rights of a town.


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From the nearby Kłodzko you can get here either by bus, which runs frequently, or in half an hour by car. Kłodzko has many long-distance train connections and coaches to Polish cities and several with countries of Western Europe. The drive by car from the international airport in Wraocław takes two hours. From Wrocław you can most conveniently get here by bus. From Prague and Berlin you can get to Stronie by car in less than four hours.


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