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The whole area of the community is situated on the land of Śnieżnicki National Park, at the end of Kłodzka Valley, between Złote Mountains and the Massif of Śnieżnik. 75% of the area is covered with forests, rich in unique flora and fauna. There are perfect conditions for active recreation and contact with nature.

The primeval, virgin nature constitutes the biggest asset of the community and is the object of the most thorough care. The Germans used to invest in tourism already in 19th century. A still perfect network of mountain roads and routes is what has been left after them.


After the war the following nature reserves were created: Śnieżnik Kłodzki, Niedżwiedzia Cave, Nowa Morawa and Śnieżna Białka Primeval Forest. For recent couple of years the community of Stronie Śląskie has been actively participating in building the infrastsucture, mainly a tourist one.


Paweł Dywański
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