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Welcome to Stronie Śląskie Borough


Stronie Śląskie Borough is situated in south-west Kłodzka Land, and thoroughly encompasses  the area of outstanding natural beauty on Śnieżnik. Far from the busy traffic routes, this borough with forests dominating the landscape is a perfect place for active relaxation and admiration of nature. Its territorial range includes the Bialskie Mountains, and partly, the Śnieżnik Massif and the Golden Mountains. A variety of landscapes, lots of wildlife sanctuaries, rich flora and fauna specimens – they all are a part of the primeval nature preserved for us to behold. A diversified grid of mountain paths and trails fosters the development of niche tourism, including the growing popularity of cycling.  In fact, a bicycle is the perfect tourist equipment, not only because of its increasing availability. It provides a lot of opportunities for those who wish to learn more about the world that surrounds them. Just as in any other trip,  bicycle trips require both a good plan and a good equipment. You must not set off, until you have examined the technical condition of your bike, and we should say it straight: what you really need in the mountains are good brakes. They’re a must, especially when you’re riding down  a steep slope. The cycling routes in Stronie Śląskie Borough are recreational routes with various difficulty levels. Skilled and demanding bikers may combine them into longer and varied travels. A Biker’s Guide to Stronie Śląskie has been designed to help you plan and carry out interesting routes, and learn about the wildlife and the local culture. One of the most important rules that we need to observe while on a trip is to protect the wildlife and historic monuments that we are likely to encounter.


Welcome to a new adventure!

2006-12-21 10:11:55
5729 – to the Hostel At Śnieżnik

Czarna Góra – Żmijowa Pass – Żmijowiec – the Alp of Śnieżnik – Kletno – Sienna   Route course: We start at Czarna Góra (1205 meters). We can
2006-12-21 10:10:33
5728 – Janowa Mountain Loop

Stronie Śląskie – Stronie Śl.-Wieś – Janowa Góra – Kletno – Stara Morawa – Stronie Śląskie   Route course: We set off from the Town Office in Stronie
2006-12-21 10:07:35
5726 –Bolesławów – Border crossing Nowa Morawa/Stare Mesto

Bolesławów – Nowa Morawa – Border Crossing (Płoszczyna Pass) - Kamienica – Bolesławów   Route course: We set off from the bus stop in
2006-12-21 10:04:34
5725 – The Bialskie Mountains Loop – western route

Stronie Śląskie – Młynowiec – Dział Pass (922 meters) – Sucha Pass (1006 meters) – Nowa Morawa – Bolesławów – Stara Morawa – Stronie Śląskie  
2006-12-21 09:54:41
5724 – The Bialskie Mountains Loop – eastern route

Stary Gierałtów – Nowy Gierałtów – Bielice – Sucha Pass (1,006 meters) – Dział Pass (922 meters) – Stary Gieratów   Route course: We
2006-12-21 09:52:45
5723 – The Gierałtów Loop

Stary Gierałtów – Karpno – Nowy Gierałtów – Stary Gieratów   Route course: We set off from the square near the school in Stary Gierałtów.
2006-12-21 09:51:13
5722 – at the foot of Łysiec

Stary Gierałtów – Goszów – Stary Gieratów   Route course: Our route starts on the square near the school in Stary Gierałtów. We follow the municipal
2006-12-21 09:49:27
5721 – Lądek Zdrój Route

Stronie Śląskie – Strachocin – Stójków – Lądek Zdrój   Route course: We start our trip at Stronie Śląskie Town and Borough Office in Sportowa Street.
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